Professor Rasoul Azizi, MD, نورومانیتورینگ

Colo-Rectal Surgeon, ( Colon and Rectum)

MD Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Tabriz,Iran 1973

Pediatric surgery fellowship for fifteen months in Mofid children hospital 1981-1982, Tehran-Iran,

Colorectal surgery fellowship at the university of California, Los Angeles, during the period from sept 1, 1997 to April, 30, 1998

Instructor in surgery, phirozgar general hospital, 1990-2000,

Associate professor of surgery, Tehran University, school of medicine-present,

Head & chairman of surgical group, Tehran University, school of medicine, (2005-2007), He had passed the E.C.F.M.G. examination in 1973,E.C.F.M.G. identification # 0-179-023-7,

Attending Surgeon, Hazrat-e-Rasoul Medical Center,

Consultant colo-rectal surgeon, Bank-e-Meli general Hospital, Tehran – Iran, (2000-2006), Colo-rectal surgeon, private Pars Hospital, Tehran – Iran,

Colo-rectal surgeon, private Iranshahr Hospital Tehran – Iran,

National pre-Board of surgery Examiner, (1998-2004), Medical Advisory committee, Hazrat-e-Rasoul medical center, (2003-present), General surgery Resident selection committee, (1995-1998), General surgery residency committee, Tehran University of medical sciences, (2002-present), Director, general surgery residency, (2002-present), Academic societies:

Iranian medical council, membership#12322,

Iranian Association of surgeons, membership #1436,

American society of colon and rectal surgeons (ASCRS), membership # 6729,

European society of colon & rectal surgeons membership ,

Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Endoscopic surgery Assiciation (MMESA), Performed about 15800 elective surgeries and attended approximately 4900 emergency cases in six different  hospitals, (1981-present)

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