Pars Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Team (نورومانیتورینگPINT) Faculty Member

Dr.Hossein Asefjah،MD 
Fellowship of laparoscopy، Stanford University,School of Medicine


Education and Qualifications:

 MD. (Shiraz University of Medical Sciences), 1980

Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident (Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Shiraz,Iran) 1989

 Fellowship of laparoscopy at Stanford University,California,USA.

Laparoscopist surgeon, private Pars Hospital, Tehran – Iran

 Inventor of 4 laparoscopy equipment registered at Patent Office of Iran

 Production of surgical equipment in Iran by Wolf Company in Germany

 Performing live surgeries in ESGE of Germany

 Participating in the suturing workshop

 Receiving the certificate of appreciation from the Society of American

Surgeons for performing Strassman surgery through laparoscopy

 The member of Iran Laparoscopy Society.

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