DR.Mehri Mehrad,MD,PHD, FECSM.

Urologist, Neurourologist, Urogynocologist

Consultant Urologist, Neurourologist, Urogynocologist • Pelvic Floor Reconstruction and cosmetic surgeon. • Scientific executive member of INUS (International Neur -Urology society) in Iran and Golf countries. • Ambassador of IUGA (International Urogynecological association) in Iran. • President and founder of IMNUC (International Multidisciplinary neuro-urology congress) congress in Iran. • Directory of Mehrad voiding dysfunction clinic. • Fellow of European committee of sexual medicine (FECSM) 2018. • CEO and founder of MehriMah wellness and wellbeing center. • Local Organizer Of INUS Congress in Tehran, IRAN, December 2016 ,2018

Fellowship at the Neucolon Klinicum hospital, Berlin,Germany Training course with very Famous Urogynecologists in Germany with Bernard Liedel (Munich ). Dr .Mehrad is an expert surgeon in urinary incontinence surgeries & pelvic floor reconstruction surgery.She also running a privateWell-equipped private clinic in Tehran more than 10400 client.

She was visiting consultant urogynecologist in Qatar (HMC),Dubai and as Regular visiting consultant urogynecologist in Kuwait.


Dr mehri Mehrad is a member of the European Urologic Association and the European Medical Association and she is always invited member and speaker to ICS (International continence society), INUS (International neurology society) congress, EUA, IUGA, ESSM, IUA, SIU, and PACS.

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