Professor Hamid Mostafavi Abdolmaleky M.D.Boston University and Harvard Medical School, BIDMC


Post Doctoral Fellow, Genetics Program, BUSM(Boston University Medical Campus)


2001-2007, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University, Psychiatry, Epidemiology, Genetics, Epigenetics

1975-1985, Iran National University, Iran University of Medical Sciences, General Medicing, Psychiatry


I have been working as a faculty member in the department of psychiatry at Iran University of Medical Sciences for 15 years. During this time I was involved in the teaching of residents and medical students in a clinical setting and teaching of Medical Doctors and Psychiatrist in Continuing Medical Education Courses in the area of Clinical Psychiatry, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Diagnostic Classification, Psychiatric Genetics and Epigenetics, Psychopharmacology, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Neuropsychiatry and Neurodevelopment, Co-morbidity in Psychiatric Disorders and PTSD.

My experience as a clinical psychiatrist and research in the field of neuroscience led me  recognized that the only way to improve the treatment strategies for these devastating diseases is to use novel insights from basic bench research.This search resulted in my enrollment in a post-doctoral Psychiatric Genetics Training Program at the Harvard Institute of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Genetics beginning November, 2001. Under the guidance of Dr. Ming Tsuang, an outstanding clinician scientist in Psychiatry at the Harvard University.

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