Prof.Reza Mollahoseini

Neurosurgeon,Fellowship in Spinal surgery

Present Academic Ranking: Assistant professor

Educations:1988-1995  MD, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.  1995-2000, Board certification in neurosurgery (as the first degree in country)

Career:  1995 –  2000  Resident in neurosurgery, Iran University of  Medical Sciences, Rasool Akram and Firoozgar Hospitals, Tehran, Iran.  2000-2001, Assistant professor of neurosurgery, Hormozgan university of medical sciences, Bandar abbas, Iran.  2001-present, Firoozgar hospital, Iran University of  Medical Sciences  2006-present,neurospine institute, Tehran, Iran.  2006- present,consultant in medicolegal organization of the country (section of spine and neurosurgery). Board Certification: Iranian Board of neurosurgery, 2000

Professional Honors or Recognition:

First rank in the Iranian nationwide board of Neurosurgery, 2000

Professional Experiences:

2000_2001: Neurosurgeon,Shahid mohammadi hospital, Hormozgan, Iran.

2001-present,Neuro&spine surgeon, firoozgar hospital

Membership:  Member of iranian association of surgeons  Member of neurosurgical society of iran  Member of neurospine society of iran

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