Dr.Narges Hosseinitabatabaei

General Practitioner(MD)

Tehran  University of Medical Sciences, Medical School (1993-2001)

Neurology Specialist (Board Certified)

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Medical School, Shariati Hospital (2005-2009)

Clinical Fellowship on perioperative neurological diagnosis and monitoring

International Neuroscience Institute Hannover-Germany (2013-2015)

Clinical course in Neurobehaviour and neurofeedback(2015-2016)

Center for Neuropsychiatric Disease Hannover-Germany (Since 2015-2016)

Neurofit, therapy and training academy krefeld-Germany

Post graduation commitment (MD)  1-General practitioner (Razi psychiatric hospital 2002-2004)  2- General practitioner (Robat karim Primary Health Service 2002)

Post graduation commitment and jobs (Neurologist)
1-Attending Neurologist ( Shahrood Imam Hussein Hospital 2009-2010)
2-Lecturer ( Clinical Neurology at Shahrood Azad Medical University 2009-2010)
3- Private Clinic of Neurology (Shahrood 2009-2010)  4-Assistant Professor of Neurology (Zahidan University of Medical Sciences 2010-  2012)  5-Internship Program Manager of Medical Students (Zahidan University of Medical Sciences 2010-2012)  6- Epilepsy Clinic (Tehran Khatam Hospital 2012-2013)
7- Clinic of Neuromuscular Disorders (Tehran 2012-2013)
8-Active member of Fingolimod cohort study on multiple sclerosis patients (Tehran, 2012)

10. Fellowship –program in international neuroscience institute (2013-2015)

11. Neurology and neurocognition practice in Hannover-Germany(2015-2016)

12. private practice (2016-2018)

13. clinician in Pars hospital (2016-2018)

14. brain lab of TUMS

15. clinical member of TUMS(Tehran university of medical science)(2018)

#Electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction velocity (NCV)study, evoked potentials (SSEP, VEP, BAER), electroencephalography (EEG), transcranial Doppler (TCD), (TMS) and functional MRI,diffusion tensor imaging(DTI)

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